How To Dress Up Your Jeans

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Jeans are an incredibly versatile article of clothing, one of the few things that can work in both casual and formal settings. In the current professional world, wearing jeans is common, though many choose to dress them up a little bit by adding other parts to the outfit to give them an overall more dressy aesthetic. Achieving this can sometimes be a challenge, though, so in this blog, we will look at a few ways that you can make your favorite jeans work in a more formal ensemble.

Choose The Right Wash and Style

Before anything else, one of the easiest ways to make jeans look more formal has everything to do with the jeans themselves. Jeans by nature are casual, though some styles, cuts, and washes and more casual than others. Choosing a darker wash is going to be your best bet when trying to make jeans work in a formal setting, as lighter jeans have a tendency to look less formal. Try to stay away from the lighter washes and aim for the darker blues. By doing this, you’ll make the process far easier.

Secondly, trying to dress up jeans that are worn or intentionally distressed may not be impossible, but it will definitely be a challenge. Rips and tears are incredibly stylish for sure, though trying to make them work in a formal setting may prove to be frustrating. Choosing jeans with a less distressed or worn look will be your best bet.

Additionally, the fit of your jeans will also make a difference in how they work into a more formal outfit. Larger and baggier  jeans will have a tendency to not work as well in a formal setting as slimmer, more tailored fits will. Keeping all of these tips in mind when trying to put together a formal outfit with jeans will be incredibly helpful to you.

Tuck It In

After you’ve chosen your jeans, your next step is choosing the other pieces that you’ll be wearing. If you’re keeping it simple with a dress shirt and jeans, a great way to make this simple outfit more formal is simple – just tuck your shirt in. Surely, you would have done this even if you weren’t wearing jeans, but you’d be surprised by how much more formal doing this can make your jeans look. Leaving your shirt untucked is a generally more casual way to wear a shirt, so by tucking it into your jeans, you will instantly make the ensemble look far more formal than it did before. Add a belt to the front to increase the formality while adding another dimension of style to your outfit.

Dress Up The Top

If you’re looking to add a little bit more dimension to your outfit, consider your tucked in shirt to be one of two or more layers to your outfit. A great way to compliment your outfit in its existing for is to add a blazer into the mix. Incorporating a blazer into a simple jeans and collared shirt can almost instantly turn your outfit into a stylish business casual ensemble. Find a fitted blazer that’s in a more traditional and easy to match color like black, grey or navy.

Another option is to avoid the shirt and blazer altogether and wear a dress as a top. Not only is this option simple, quick and easy, it also gives you a perfect balance between dressy and casual. Pairing your favorite dress with your favorite pair of Vigoss jeans provides you with a look that’s stylish, comfortable and classy.

Accessories Add Classy Accents

Now that you’ve more or less gotten the majority of your outfit put together, you’re ready to add a few finishing touches, and that means picking the right accessories. Going overboard with necklaces, bracelets and earrings can easily be overkill, but giving your outfit a few tasteful touches of class with the perfect pair of earrings and a necklace or bracelet will accent your overall outfit to fine effect, adding that little splash of class that can tie the entire ensemble together wonderfully.

Footwear Finish

You’re almost there! You’ve come this far with finding the best jeans, shirt, blazer and accessories. The final step in making your jeans work in a formal setting is finding the perfect pair of shoes or boots to pair with them. While there are many routes that you can go, choosing the right footwear can sometimes be time consuming. Flats and boots are always a good way to go, though, and when you try on the pair that perfectly suits your outfit, you’ll know that the ensemble is complete.

By following those simple steps, you’ll be surprised at how great your favorite pair of Vigoss jeans look in a more formal setting. Best of all, while the overall look of them may change, you’ll still be wearing your favorite pair of ultra comfortable and high quality Vigoss jeans, giving you the confidence you need to conquer anything that the occasion may throw at you. To browse our selection of high quality denim, head on over to our webstore. Thank you for shopping Vigoss!

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