Wear Your Designer Denim This Summer!

Vigoss is proud to provide women and men with high-quality designer denim. Whether you’re a fan of skinny and straight cuts, or more relaxed styles of denim, Vigoss has something to please even the pickiest of fashionistas. Browse our selection of men and women’s designer denim today!

Business Casual Meetings

While some people still have a more formal dress code when it comes to office attire, many offices are starting to incorporate a more business casual approach. It’s important to look your best, but it’s also possible to look great while wearing your favorite pair of jeans! Meeting new clients or business partners can be nerve-racking, and first impressions can go a long way. Whether you’re meeting clients out for lunch during the day or for drinks in the evening, coupling a pair of designer jeans from Vigoss with a blazer, sport coat, or other more formal top will help you find that balance between casual and comfortable, ensuring that you make a good first impression on your clients or otherwise.

Casual Night Out

Whether you’re going out with friends or meeting someone for a date, evenings out are almost always a fun and energetic time. Unless you’re going somewhere with a dress code, comfort should always play into your decision of what to wear when going out. While thinking more intently about what top you’ll be wearing, Vigoss has you covered with a variety of designer denim options for both women and men. Evenings out can find you hopping from locale to locale, and the last thing that you want is to feel uncomfortable and constricted by your outfit. By choosing your favorite pair of jeans from Vigoss for your next night out, you’ll not only ensure that you’ll stay comfortable the whole time, but that you’ll look great while doing so.


One of the best parts of summer comes in the form of vacations. Nothing beats hopping on a plane for a week or two and getting away from the stress of work. Of course, much like going out, travel itself can be both hectic and in some cases exhausting. From driving to the airport, to going through airport security, to the amount of time spent on the plane, being comfortable is incredibly important while traveling. Looking great is important, but with a fantastic pair of jeans from Vigoss, you’ll remain comfortable as you prepare to travel this summer. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll look and feel great, ready to indulge and relax in all that your locale has to offer.

Designer Denim for Women and Men

Those are just a few examples of how you can wear our designer denim this summer season. At Vigoss, we are proud to provide high quality jeans for women and men. Offering a variety of styles, cuts and washes, we have something for most every taste and style. Whether you’re looking for a dark and distressed style, or a lighter, more classic kind of wash, Vigoss is here to provide you with the designer denim that you need to keep looking your absolute best. Spend over $50 today and receive free shipping on your entire order. Shop today!